Our Team of personal trainers at Freestyle Fitness is here to guide you and make sure that you feel a part of a community. We believe we achieve our goals when you achieve your goals. We know that joining a gym or fitness center can be a difficult choice, which is why our staff and personal trainers strive to create an atmosphere that is inviting, friendly, and informative. As many of our loyal members can already attest, Freestyle Fitness will become your fitness family a place of comfort of guidance and camaraderie. Our custom designed high intensity and low impact HIIT 40 classes, personal training ,wellness and nutrition coaching and gym hours can accommodate any lifestyle. You’ll find everything you need to achieve your fitness goals at Freestyle Fitness our team is here to make sure of that!



Freestyle Fitness founder and co-owner, Ted Giannakis, is passionate about fitness, health and overall well-being, and his tailored fitness programs are designed to optimize performance and maximize results in a safe and effective manner. He is a Certified Personal Trainer & Conditioning Specialist with a BA in Physical Education. Ted motivates his clients by encouraging them to exceed their physical goals and expectations.

With over 18 years of experience as a highly sought after personal trainer in West LA, Beverly Hills and Hollywood, who has trained clients of all ages and fitness levels, Ted has greatly impacted the effectiveness of his clients’ fitness through his proven theory of training smarter than harder. For many years, he was fortunate to travel throughout the world with his clients who relied on his fitness expertise to help them improve their health and fitness and break through plateaus while being on the road during demanding, high-stress business conditions.

Ted is a fitness enthusiast, an avid cyclist and triathlete and he has participated for years in numerous cycling and triathlon races. This background and professional experience gives him a deep understanding of the discipline and he has put all of his passion and knowledge into this exciting, transformational and fun, heart-rate based, HIIT program at Freestyle Fitness. Ted optimizes his clients’ wellness through a highly effective signature combination of scientific fitness principles that include personalization and functional-movement training. He uses systematic training cycles based on each person’s individual needs to ensure safe and effective training for any fitness level.

Whether your goal is to be an elite level athlete or just feel better in day-to-day life, Ted has the tools to get you there. Join in the fun!






Jacob Sexton has background in Human and Health Performance from Austin Peay State University and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Drawing on his experience as a former Division 1 quarterback, he strives to make each exercise session creative and engaging. 

Overall fitness has always been a passion of Jacob’s whether it was challenging his teammates or motivating others to succeed, his enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle is contagious. The secret to his success as a trainer is his friendly spirit. All workout levels feel appropriately challenged without intimidation. 

Jacob takes your safety, comfort, and mental health just as serious as your physical health. You will be trained by someone who truly considers your overall well-being. 




I've been a fitness enthusiast since I was a teenager. Fitness and nutrition have been the center of my life and it is my passion to share it with others. Certified through ISSA in my 20's and was a personal trainer and boot camp instructor. I recently received my personal training certificate through NCSF. I have two beautiful children now and have gained a greater perspective and appreciation for the human body and the importance of health. I also have first hand experience through the struggles of pregnancy weight gain and finding the time and energy to get back in shape post pregnancy.